bugman_fuck (bugman_fuck) wrote,

Can we even be digging here?

So here I be scooping for a long time some candlewax off from my nipples. I am always to be getting turned on when someone is chewing on my extremities and are being to drip the wax of melted on my own chest. Very good, very sexy, no?

One day I will be going for climbing upside on a building to clean the pigeon salad off of the rooftops. It makes for always good excersize and suntan places.

I am always are doing this while I am being nude. You like when I am for being nude, no?

This will be for the one day, sir, when I am taking my trip to go for a vacation. I am going to be coming for to see you soon my wife, for that is only when you did not forget about me I hope.

Sad times are here just for today.
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